Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Nabi Yunis, Wed 23.9.09, Morning

Idit S., Rachel M., Drora F. (reporting). Yoskeh M. (driving), Bracha B.A. (translating)

Bethlehem - Rachel Crossing:  today is the last day of Eid El Fitr. There is a large number of people crossing but people are passing through quickly. By 07:00 AM almost everyone had passed through.

A police officer stood outside next to the sidewalks and ordered people not to park in the entrance. Two people were returned to the Liaison and Coordination Administration because they were blacklisted by the computer. As usual there was no reason. This time I saw the police officer turn to a soldier and ask him to order the Palestinians to go back and be checked again at another post, and he spoke to a Palestinian with more than a one word sentence.

Etzion DCL: there was a problem that caused confusion and anger: During the holiday crossing permits were given to Palestinians at the Etzion DCL and not in Bethlehem. On Wednesday, the day after the holiday, many people were still coming to get permits, but none were given, and people were still waiting for permits.

An officer from the DCL arrived and explained to people that the holiday was already over and there would be no more permits for the holiday. After an hour and a half all the people had left. The officer arrived later than usual because of the holiday. By that time the Liaison and Coordination Administration commanders had abandoned the possibility of giving out any more permits.

Another problem that could not be solved - the soldier at the entrance insisted on not letting someone in who lived in Haramla, claiming that he was listed as living in Bethlehem, and told him to come back on Monday which is the day designated for residents of Bethlehem. The man's I.D. stated that he was born in Bethlehem, but lives in Haramla. The man had already come on Monday and told to come on Wednesday. Ridiculous?

The Humanitarian Office stated that the man was listed on the computer as a resident of Haramla, but the soldier, for some reason or another, did not want to go to the computer and verify this. Idit insisted and the man was finally let through.

Nabi Yunis:  traffic is light. We did not meet Ahmed to give him holiday greetings and we returned to the Etzion Liaison and Coordination Administration with the candy we had brought for him. It was already 10:00 and the officer that Hanna had reported about earlier had still not arrived and people were still waiting.