Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Sun 18.10.09, Morning

Tziona O., Smadar B.

Translator: Louise L.

It is dark. There is a huge line in front of the turnstiles.  About 30 women, some of them old, are sitting crowded together. They greet us saying good morning and waving. And then they immediately start complaining about the fact that they have to stand in the same line as the men to be checked. They ask us to help separating between them and the men. The muezzin is calling from the Faron village. At this hour it is still rather cool in spite of the “khamsin”.

The standing workers are getting ready to enter. An army jeep arrives and one of the soldiers gets off asking if he can help with anything. The coffee vendor has informed us that the Palestinian television will come tomorrow morning to film the checkpoint and the workers.

Two young women from the EAPPI - The Worldwide Council of the Christian Churh– an Ecumenic Program in Palestine and Israel - appear on the other side of the fence. One woman is from South Africa and the other from England.

6.45  We leave.