'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 21.9.09, Morning

Leah R., and Rutie T.

6:05 - Aaneen checkpoint
One fellow waits by the Hammer another by the inner gate.

At 6:10 the first one crosses ver. There are about 7 people by the inner gate.

At 6:22
there are no more people going through the checkpoint. This is the second day of Id-el-Fiter. The few that did go through, some with small children, are groomed festively and are going for family visits?
What about the filth piling up among the olive trees by the checkpoint?

6:40 - Rihan-Barta'a checkpoint

A Sabbath procedure. Gatesinfo-icon closed. The upper car park area is vacant of vehicles. The gate opens for Israeli cars that arrive  from the direction of the West Bank.

At 7:00
- "Good morning, start moving". only today nothing moved. The terminal building is closed. The few that did request to cross over do it through the vehicles' inspection post.

At the lower car park area - taxis and private cars wait for passengers near the gate at the exit from the terminal. We tell them that  the terminal is closed today and a cab driver picks up people who walk down through the gate intended for vehicles. Somebody complains that he did not know that the gates would open at 7:00. He had arrived at the gate at 5:00. The two in charge, Nir and Amir, say there is no need to post signs regarding temporary arrangements because all are aware that the checkpoint operates today by a different standards.They had notice everybody:towns, authorities and who ever was supposed to be noticed.

7:40- Shaked-Tura
At 7:47 somebody arrives from the direction of the West Bank. He comes out within 3 minutes with a big grin.

At 8:05 a van arrives from the direction of the Seam Line zone. The driver is welcomed by the DCO officer with a hug and a kiss. Happy Holiday.