Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Sun 13.9.09, Morning

Ziona O, Semadar B Ziona reporting, Semadar writing


We arrived at 04:00

Everything is dark, but for the projectors which illuminate the turnstiles. 

The workers gladly welcomed us with

The women workers were happy to hear that we brought them hand-cream

We passed the cream on by the intermediary of the children who sell coffee

Through the loudspeakers the guards we calling to say that "the Machsomwatch ladies are not allowed to cross the fence spiral" which lies on the ground and makes it difficult for us to approach the children

04:27 The turnstiles were opened

From the village of Pharoun the mouazin began broadcasting prayers through the loudspeaker

Until 04:40 about 1000 workers passed quickly. The turnstiles are open all the time

04:45 The turnstiles are shut down

2 workers returned because of handprints

Now they have to wait until 09:00 in the best of cases, when they'll open the DCO offices and settle the matter

04:55 They closed the turnstiles. There are still about 200 workers waiting

05:10 2 returned because of handprints

A rain downpour began

The workers cry out that the turnstiles be opened so that they won't have to stand in the rain

5 workers returned because of handprints

Up till now 14 workers were returned

06:10 Another 1500 workers entered

06:30 The queue of the workers is terminated

About 4000 workers passed this morning