'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 3.9.09, Morning

Leah R., Anna N.S.

Translation: Bracha B.A.

A’anin, 06:10-06:30
Before we left about 35 people crossed the checkpoint,  including children with their parents who had come to help in the orchards.  There were also young people and several tractors and two women.  People were checked and listed on a form.  The computerized method does not work here.  A. from the Liaison and Coordination Administration is here to help.

We observed nothing extraordinary.  Routine is the name of the day – ensuring quiet and order in the management of the occupation.  People are used to this and do not complain, do not disturb, do nothing, and are swallowed up within the subjugation as if it were understood that this is the way things are and even smile, say a non-committal “good morning” and even ask about the kids at home.  How very pleasant and very frightening!  There is a fire burning in a barrel at the center of the checkpoint.  This is the only decoration in this desolate place.

30-07:15 – New |Barta’a Checkpoint (Reihan)
Several trucks loaded with fruits and vegetables and eggs are waiting for the checks to begin.  There are private cars in the center of the checkpoint.  Drivers are waiting to have their documents checked before their cars are allowed to be checked above.  From the other side a family dressed in holiday clothes is on the way to the West Bank and waiting to have their documents checked before they continue on their way.

Most of the people going to the seamline zone to work or to school are teachers.  People continue to enter, pushing open the steel gate and disappearing into the terminal.  Several dozen young people entered during the time we were observing.

07:25 – Shaked-Tura Checkpoint

The students are dressed up and are walking in the direction of the checkpoint.  Among them are little children going to first grade.  They look excited, and are dressed up and their hair beautifully combed.  Crossing inside the booth for workers on their way to work is slow as usual,  At this time there are about 30 people waiting in line.  Three women students are waiting to cross into the West Bank and Jenin for about 10 minutes- their taxi is waiting…a representative of the Liaison and Coordination Administration conducts the entire scene and calls in order to clarify and solve any difficulties.

The children cross through be means of a special permit that has been given ahead of time by representatives of the settlement: an I.D. photo of their parents and a permit showing they are registered for school in the West Bank, as well as personal details and a photo.  These children’s bags are not checked.

In a conversation with A., representative of the Liaison and Coordination Administration, he said that 55 students of various ages received crossing permits and that 11 teachers received crossing permits following a meeting with representatives of the settlement and the school authorities, who ambivalently approved these excellent arrangements.

We left at 08:10.