'Azzun 'Atma, Sun 6.9.09, Morning

Yael S., Diza Y., Zehava G. (reporting), Chana S. translating

'Azzun ‘Atma

07.20 We met friendly soldiers at Yoav gate which serves workers going to

Sha'arei Tikva and pupils studying in Israel.  There is a school in the village but the soldiers didn’t know if this is a primary or secondary school.


Across the road about 20 men were waiting for transport to ‘Sha’arei Tikva’.  Few were passing through the gate.  The soldiers said there was another gate, ‘Tama’.


We were aghast to hear from workers that transport cost 50 shekels in each direction for a journey of only one and a half kilometers.  When we asked why they didn’t walk to Sha’arei Tikva, they said this was forbidden for security reasons.


07.50  A brief visit to Elkana to see the view and the sealed off house (Habayit Hechasum).