Bethlehem, Thu 10.9.09, Morning

Rachel F., Nora B. (reporting)

5:35 AM, Bethlehem -  Rachel Crossing:  already many people outside. Four checking posts are open and no long queues. Very quiet on the Israeli side and people are not crowded. From time to time, there is not people at all arriving at the checking booth.

What we do not see at the checkpoint: in spite of the special quiet sight, many Palestinians tell us that thousands of people are waiting on the other side. They let pass some, and then again stop. It seems that they are outside the building and that today we could not even hear the noise we are used to. One of the guards from the Private Company, when hearing one of the complains said: "You are a liar. There are no people waiting". Ad already known, we are not allowed to check on the other side, but many complained about what went on, on the other side today.