Reihan, Shaked, Wed 16.9.09, Morning

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Vivien S.B., Nava R. (reporting), M. (guest)

06:45 (Palestine time) Shaked-Tura checkpoint
4 cars and 10 persons wait on the side of the West Bank. On the Seam Line zone side, there are no people.

20 minutes later school children began to arrive as well as adults, from the direction of the Seam Line zone.
By 07:45 all had gone through.

One person told us that he lives in the Seam Line zone and also works there, in the project of purifying sewage water at Um-el-Rihan. according to him, the project is financed by Japan. That person had a passage permit for himself with his vehicle to cross over at the Shaked -Tura checkpoint . That permit was  recently taken away from him for a security reason that its nature is unknown to him. He needs the permit to fulfill his job.
He approached a lawyer who asked for a great deal of money.

08:00 Rihan-Barta'a checkpoint
Many people arrive at the checkpoint from the West Bank. They work at Barta'a.

A group of workers, sacks in their hands, enter the terminal. All of a sudden they were called back to the table near the entrance to the inspection post to answer what's inside the sacks. Following another inspection they went inside  the terminal and out.

We were told that inside the terminal there was a detained person and the police was called in. We were unable to inquire as to what had happened and we have not seen him coming out.

10:30 - We left the checkpoint.