Reihan, Shaked, Sun 13.9.09, Afternoon

Hanna and Yoheved (reporting)

Translation: Bracha B.A.

Shaked Checkpoint, 15:30
A resident of Dahar el Malak, who has returned from Jenin with presents for the holiday, waited at the checkpoint for over an hour to receive permission from the Liaison and Coordination Administration at Salem to take several packages and holiday gifts across the checkpoint.  He has a private car but he cannot take it with him and therefore has to take a taxi to bring his shopping from Jenin, where it is less expensive, but the trip costs NIS 15 in each direction.

Reihan Checkpoint, 16:00
Two windows in the terminal are open and people are moving through, but when more people began to arrive one window was closed for some reason. Several people with boxes and knapsacks were held up. When we asked one person how long they had been waiting until things were cleared up he claimed that it depends, sometimes a short time and sometimes several hours.

16:30 – There is a large crowd pf people waiting.  People are returning from work according to Israeli time and some are working according to Palestinian time (one hour earlier). We proceeded to the vehicle checkpoint – there are a lot of cars waiting for passengers including both public and private cars.

We returned to the sleeveinfo-icon.  Again there is a crowd of people waiting despite the fact that this time there were two windows operating.  For the first time we saw the side door open to let a person in with a television set that would not fit through the turnstile.  One worker claimed that Tibet Checkpoint is operating better when our members are there.  If they are not there, there are problems.