Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Mon 7.9.09, Morning

Raya Y., Hagit S. (reports)

Tarqumiya: less tracks than the usual – perhaps due to Ramadan?
Road 35
First entrance to Hebron – the yellow gate is shut. Second entrance – open, with some traffic.On the entrance from road 35 to road 60, there is a large signpost: "half a century of settlement and flourishing."
Shayuch Hebron: as usual, beyond the boulders, many yellow taxis.
Curve 160: police car parking, the soldiers, down at the CP, engaging in checks. At Aabed's, right across from the Patriarch's Tombs Cave, we find two CPT reps. who were delighted to converse with us.
Tel Rumeidah: TIF car observes the CP, and we go up, to the Jewish cemetery, because this afternoon, there will be a first state memorial, to mark the 80th anniversary of the 1929 Hebron events, in the presence of a representative of the Kenesset (Rivlin, chairperson), the government (Yuli Eidelman) and the court (Justice Rubinstein). And preparations are indeed in full force: huge signposts, many tens of plastic chairs, put in rows.
Back to Tel-Rumeidah: two paratroopers are now checking up a young man who's asked to pull his shirt up. We tried to enquire with the soldier whether any special measures are being taken today, due to this afternoon's even but he didn't like the question, retorting: "I am doing what I need to do, what would you have done in my place?"
Pharmacy CP: women and children walk through the machine. A signpost: "Towards complete salvation".
Due to Ramadan, most stores are shut, and we enter Tarqumiyah (village) to find pitas (found!), where someone approached us for help:His permits, allowing him access to Israel and work here are not renewed on account of his brothers, and he claims that, in meetings with the Shabak (Israel internal secrete services) he's already explained that he's innocent and that it is unjustified that he's being denied such permits on account of his brothers. According to what he said, they agreed to help him only if he would agree to cooperate with them…. We gave him Hagit B.'s contact numbers, in hope she might be able to help him.