Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Tue 25.8.09, Morning

Tamar G. and Michal (reporting)

Trans. by Revital S.
Sansana CP
The crossing is empty at this hour. There are no buses of prisoners' families, probably on account of the "Free Gil'ad Shalit" campaign.
Road 60
There is no change in the new roadblocks below Beit Hagai by the southern gate to Hebron.
Dura Alfawwar: pillbox is manned. Crossing is steady. Small groups of schoolchildren are walking by the roadside. Apparently UNRWA-run schools are already open. The rest will open on September 1st.
Sheep Junction: open. Very little traffic of any kind on the road.
The town is deserted. School holiday is not yet over. Settlers' children are waiting for their bus. By the look of them they're off to some summer camp. The parachutists are still there - at the Pharmacy CP, the Gross Square, across from the ascent to the Cordoba School, at the top of the Shuhada Rd. toward Tel Rumeida - but no one is detained.
As always, we are more wary of settlers' presence but today they ignore us.
There are no detaineesinfo-icon at the Patriarchs' Tombs' Cave. Shops are shut and the Jewish side is quiet as well.
Zion Route CP:
 Pillbox is bursting with jubilant Border Police soldiers, men and women, but they harass no one, readily allowing an old shepherd and his goats through.
Road 35
On the road to Tarqumiya the pillbox facing the humanitarian crossing is manned.
The Olive Crossing: open.
Traffic on the Halhul Bridge is steady.
The glassware store is as well stocked as ever.
A man tells us of damage to his car caused by the Hebron settlers, who only stopped following police intervention. His entire family was called to give evidence at the police station. This was three weeks ago. He was asking when he might expect an answer. We told him we found ourselves in similar circumstances more than once and that one can do nothing but wait patiently.
We left, home. A
s always - quiet and hopeless.