Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Sun 19.7.09, Morning

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Leah S., Paula R. (reporting)

Translation: Bracha B.A.


When we arrived, workers had already walked through and families visiting prisoners were awaiting their turn.

The Obscurities of Bureaucracy: Se
veral workers who were not allowed through where still there and they approached us, asking for our assistance. The stories are as follows:
1. H. has been going through the checkpoint every day for the past five years. He works in Beer Sheba. “Today”, the inspector told him, “You won’t go through.”  He asked to speak to Shlomi, the CP's manager, but was not allowed to. Leah tried to clarify what happened, to see why he was prevented from going through but as it turned out, nothing did. So we called Shlomi and he asked to talk to him. After clarifying the matter he said that H. cannot cross. However, if this is the case, why was he told that it is “Today" that he cannot go through?  We gave him Sylvia’s phone number, hoping she can help.
2. S. came to us to see if we could do anything about his magnetic card that he had to renew in Etzion.  He had arranged this two weeks ago, but had not received a new card yet, thus missing two weeks' work. This is a routine matter for the clerks.
3. Another person approached. He is from Dahariya but is married to an Israeli Bedouin since 1996 and so, has an Israeli ID which he must renew every 6 months(?!). Someone had spread a rumor that he still lives in Dahariya, causing his ID to be taken. Now he cannot get back to his home and family in Hura.  We referred him to the Human Rights Association.

South Mount Hebron
: S
oldiers present in the area of Tawani made us suspect that Palestinian shepherds and farmers were being harassed.