Hebron, Sansana, Thu 6.8.09, Morning

Na'ama and Noga (reporting)

Several buses of prisoners' families waiting, otherwise empty.
Curve 160: a single Border Police soldier mans the pillbox, but has nothing to do.
Pharmacy, Tarpat, Tel-Rumeidah CPs: empty and quiet. 
Our discoveries on this shift:
Next to Beit Hadasah, we found some beautification of the occupation, courtesy of some girl scouts brigade (see photo, opposite): "happy times at the Hebronite hen-house" says the title of a showpiece including colorful decoration of a wire-covered part of the partition wall, and plenty of paintings illustrating a rather "normative" reality: the settler, the soldier, the Arab (wearing an explosive belt), the generous donator and even TIF people, all living peacefully and amicably in the Hebronite hen-house.
At the metal workshop we were told that the border police soldiers manning the new CP there have no bathroom, which makes them relieve themselves right opposite the workshop, to the workers' great discomfort – who, by the way, do not see this as an intended provocation on the soldiers' part.
The workers also update us, that lately the border police soldiers have started to detain youngsters at the new CP. One of the workshop's customers said that he's seen soldiers at this same CP whistle and harass a Palestinian girl walking through the CP a few days earlier on.
Azam tell us that they are now allowed to have a truck with a crane enter the workshop's grounds, located behind the concrete blocks (on the Palestinian side).
Last thing: at the workshop, we encountered a young man wearing a skullcap, Shoresh sandals (or, put otherwise: the stereotypical settler), speaking fluent Arabic. Well, as it turns out, he's both: both a Palestinian and a settler. The workers told us he's converted to Judaism about 20 years ago and now lives in Kiryat Arba… going to showing that even in Apartheid, boundaries might be crossed over.