Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Tue 11.8.09, Afternoon

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Julia W., Rahel W. (reporting)

There was an enormous backup of traffic in Azariah even though there was no police or military presence.

On our way to Wadi Nar, we noticed trucks doing road work in the wadi on the right hand side of the road about 500 meters before the turn off to Qedar.  There is clearly preparatory work being carried out there for some kind of building project.

When we arrived at Wadi Nar, the traffic was moving very smoothly in both directions.  Two transits going south were being checked but they both got their documents back within minutes of our arrival.

We went to sit in the protected area but were immediately shooed away by the border policeman in charge of the area.  In previous weeks, we were told that we were not allowed there, but were then left alone.  This time, we were ordered out and we went across the street.

Traffic continued to move well.  The border policeman who had ordered us away then moved up the road toward the intersection and stood there with his rifle pointed at the approaching vehicles.  Minutes later, he moved it and held it horizontally so that it pointed directly at us.  (A not pleasant feeling).  Fortunately, he got a phone call and the rifle fell to a less threatening position!

A few vehicles heading south were stopped, but the delay was very short -- a matter of minutes.

On our way back, we again took note of the building enterprise at Qedar. The new buildings and roads are now almost all the way up to the road. Bulldozers and trucks were still operating at full speed.  Large areas were made ready for yet more houses.  Are all these houses for "natural growth"?

No significant incidences.