Reihan, Shaked, Sat 22.8.09, Morning

Sarit A. Rachel H. (reporting)

07:00 - Rihan
Upper parking lot is vacant. The road checkpoint is closed, would open at 07:08

From our position we can see people entering in groups of 5 at a time, we can hear rebukes (not too many, although one is one too much for us).

At around 07:15 the "Hamsa-Hamsa" (five-five) march is over, and after that, whoever arrives walk in immediately.

The seamstresses enter around 07:10 and get out 25 minutes later.
Only one window is open. There aren't too many people.

Ramadan greetings. Some are confused and out of habit turn to the faucet, but immediately back off.

At 08:00 the terminal area is vacant.
Few people are seen on the road leading to the checkpoint.

08:15 There are 1o vans at the upper car park area. We left Rihan (without hearing dogs' barks).

08:25 Shaked checkpoint

There is no traffic.
Flags of the armored force are hoisted.
08:40 - We left.