Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Wed 19.8.09, Morning

Zipi z., Yael (reporting)

Meytar -Sansana
CP Empty. The last members of prisoners' families were leaving the checkpoint and heading towards the bus still waiting on the Israeli side.


Road No. 60

Dahariya: Gate is shut.

Dura Alfawwar: open to all vehicles on both sides

Sheep Junction CP: open

Very few vehicles are seen on the road and only a few people along it. Harvest has started in the venyards surrounding Hebron.



At Kiryat Arba, construction work continues, perhaps even intensified, we could see new ways already paved en route to building sites where construction is barely started.

Already next to the improvised synagogue, close to the exit from Kiryat Arba, we could sense massive military presence. All concrete blockades along the downhill road, as well as the Shouhada, were manned by soldiers in pairs: paratroopers, along with some Lavie Brigade soldiers, brought in as enhancement.   

Pharmacy CP: no pedestrians, but surrounded by various military vehicles, and officers' cars. Soldiers armed with maps and computers walk busily around, apparently on their way to some large-scale briefing.

Two soldiers with whom we talked explained that today is Elul 1st, the beginning of Jewish repentance holiday, as well as of the week of Ramadan (beginning end of the week), so alert levels are soaring up.

Two CPT members were documenting the activity. As it turns out, they have just returned to the city and report also of a convention of all foreign volunteers, where a warning was issued, regarding Sept. 1st, when units exchange (the paratroopers are leaving: guess who comes in?)

Tarpat CP: Deserted. Two nice paratroopers, one of them an officer, report of boredom.

Tel Rumeidah CP: next to the military base, another group of soldiers stands, waiting.

Zion Route: still closed.

So, too, is the Curve 160 CP.


Road 317

Empty all along.

Next to Carmel (settlement) a few girls were standing, waiting for someone to stop and give them a lift. apparently, no lesson was learnt.

Workers were building a new electricity line along the new road south of Sussiya: what for??

Trans.: Naomi S.