'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 3.8.09, Morning

Leah R, Anna NS (reporting)

06:10 Aanin Checkpoint

About 35 waiting, among them a number of tractors. Checking returned to its previous routine – by lists of names (last week it was by computer list).
Families and individuals are exiting the checkpoint, with youth at the problematic age (12-16). Today it seems that this issue has been resolved, and these youngsters can again cross accompanied by one of the parents as in the past. Some of the farmers are going to their almond groves. The check is fast, and no complaints are heard.
At the DCO they confirmed to us that recently they have been issuing more permits to landowners and family members.
06:50 Shaked-Tura Checkpoint
We arrived a few minutes before official opening time, as did the soldiers. Minutes before 07:00 the check began witgh passage of residents. On the West Bank side some 30 people were waiting, delayed at the entrance to the building. Seems that the computers are updating, but the moment that the check begins the flow is normal with no exceptional delays.
A group of Border Police is at the checkpoint, inspecting transients together with the soldiers. We were told in the past that Border Police are going to replace the soldiers, who will guard them.
We kmet the elderly shepherd engaged in argument with the goats straying from the road. He complains that at his age (73) it is difficult to manage a flock of 70, and his health is not good – back hurts and knees not what they were. He has 12 children, but not one of them is prepared to replace him – especially since they don’t have permits.
07:15 – 15 residents waiting to pass on the West Bank side.
07:30 Reihan-Bartaa Checkpoint
The checkpoint opened on time and, according to those present, most of the workers have already crossed. Those crossing now are the ones who start work later, like teachers going to supervise exams, traders in Bartaa, etc.
Pickups with goods and agricultural produce waiting to be checked, and an additional truck arrives later..
Drivers complain about the known absurdity: Amriha Checkpoint near Mevo Dotan opens around 06:00, an hour later than Reihan, and more seriously it closes at 22:00, and area residents (for example at Yaabed) can’t cross even in emergencies when they need to get to hospital in Nablus or Jenin. A kind of area closureinfo-icon at night...
07:45 – we leave. On our way out we saw a family with two girls waiting obediently on the bench in the plaza till the check of their documents is complete so they can continue to the West Bank.