Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Wed 10.6.09, Morning

Zipi, Na'ama (reporting)

School year is over and we can therefore leave a bit later than normal. We may have been allowed a few extra sleep hours, but there's a price to be paid, too – the streets of Hebron are crowded by settlers now and it appears to be a matter of time before there is a clash between us.

Sansana: 8:15, two Border Police stand at the CP, next to the security men of the civilian company working here, and check those entering the territories (rather than those, exiting, as may have been expected). 

Road 60
Entry to Samoa': several rocks were placed here, which now make it necessary for one to zigzag the way in. As we exit, a track stands there, which apparently cannot get through.
Despite the late hour, road 60 is entirely empty. Along the road, signposts against Obama: Barak Hussein Obama: anti-Semitic Jew-hater (photo attached).
Dahariya: entry is blocked and the residents walk over the impediment by foot, descending to the highway, Road 60, where they wait in hope of getting a lift from cars passing-by.
Dura Elfawwar: open.
Sheeps' Junction: open. 

On the synagogue on the way in, several signposts announce: "Extend! Do not demolish!" "The Iranian reactor is not in Maz. Barak, attack the right place!"
Curve 160 CP: many Border Police soldiers, seven or eight of them, stand next to the curve, chatting. A youngster wheels a cart with planks on it. He tries to walk through the CP and enter H1 territory. The CP consists of several rocks, interspaced, and a meter-high gate, positioned above some rocks: one can walk through only underneath the 1 meter high gate or, in-between those rocks. The youngster attempts to walk through, only to keep discovering that the cart, with all that's on it, is too high, thus making it impossible for him to pass underneath. He moves from one throughway to another until, at last, he's had enough and he opens the gate out-wide. One would have expected that the soldiers would come running to shut the gate closed behind him – after all, the army claims that it is extremely significant, security-wise. Instead, the soldiers merely watch the youngster and continue chatting. No one takes notice of the open gate for as long as we were there. So what is it there for, anyway???
Patriarchs' Tombs' Cave CP: TIPH vehicle.
Tel Rumeidah CP: the street is empty, no one walks through CP.
Tarpat CP: Empty.
The House of Dispute CP: three detaineesinfo-icon, apparently waiting there for some time now. Still, as we arrive, they are released.
Ziff Junction: open.