'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 27.7.09, Morning

Leah R., Ana N.S
06:10 - 06:50 Aaneen
Today there are more people than usual who wait at the middle checkpoint. One soldier inspects while three others practice the complicated chore of logging in i.d numbers and personal details of people.

Some of the people on site, cross over with their children, under the age of 12, for work reinforcement.
This is almond harvesting season.

Seven children are sent home, The DCO representative who is at the end of his shift, stops and explain that the issue of passage for youths who are between the ages of 12-16 without a permit from the DCO is yet to be decided.

07:00 - Tura 
25 people are awaiting passage to the Seam Line zone.
In the direction of the West Bank, there are only students, and boys and girls on their way for exams in Jenin. Passage is routinely. Here passage is still done without a computer.

Taxis (private cars) take people to both direction simultaneously.
Inspection of those going through inside the cabin takes a few minutes.

07:30 - Rihan checkpoint

Once again we hear complaints of late opening of the Amricha checkpoint (near the settlement of Mevoh Dotan on the road to Jenin) it opens only at 06:00 , while the Rihan checkpoint, to which they need to get, opens an hour earlier.

The lower car park area is full of private cars of people from the West Bank who go from here  to the Seam Line zone and/or to Israel.

We meet a person who falls in between the cracks: he lives in Nazlat-Zeid and his land, which he has been cultivating for years, with a permit, is close to Tul-Karem. Time and again he is rejected by both DCO's - the one of Tul-Karem and the one of Salem.

- We left.