Eyal Crossing, Sun 9.8.09, Afternoon

Galit G. and Tal H. (reporting)

We arrived at 15:40. Very soon, Palestinian workers arrived in very large numbers and lined up, crowding both outside in front of the entry turnstile and inside in the waiting lines for the checking posts (only two posts active).

The shift boss approached us and asked us very politely if everything was okay and whether we needed anything. When he realized we're staying there, by the iron bars next to the turnstile, beside and in front of many Palestinians, he repeated that we're creating a disturbance. We urged him to explain. He said we shouldn't see what is done inside. "Why, are you ashamed of anything? You're only doing your job, after all". The answer, as expected: this is a security matter. Then he held onto the argument that we're at risk here. 'Why?' Because after all this is a crossing of Palestinians, not Swedes". Ah. Right. We said that knowing both these and those, there is no problem. He repeated that surely we know Swedes, not Palestinians.

"Well, we're here precisely to hear you say such things…" at this point his face fell and he turned around and vanished into the compound.

Average waiting time from arrival outside until reaching the checking post: 10 minutes.

Most of the Palestinians here are older, quiet, concentrated, some openly friendly to us, and a rare verbal moment: one man looked at us, looked at the lines inside, and asked us with a charming smile, "Until when? Until when will evil men rejoice?"

(in proper scriptural Hebrew). I swear.

We left at 16:30.