Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Mon 3.8.09, Morning

Ziona O. (reporting) Smadar (writing)
Translator: Orna B.

04:00 Irtach
We reached the checkpoint.
04:31 The turnstiles are still closed.

The turnstiles open. Thousands of workers go in slowly. They bemoan the fact that today it is the Russian guard at the entrance. He shouts all the time and delays them. In sheer contrast to the Russian there is a guard of French origin, who is always in an excellent mood, greets the workers and treats them as well as possible. But sadly not everyday the French is posted at the entrance.

We went up to the exit. A worker approached us with a friend acting as a translator. He told us his name was Riyad and that he has a daughter, 11, who is in a wheelchair. One day she had returned home from school, fainted and stopped functioning. Now she is attached to a catheter , she does not talk and sleeps the whole time. Tomorrow at 08:00 they have an appointment at the Schneider Hospital for tests. He was worried how he was going to be able to go with her through the carousel. We agreed to meet him tomorrow at 05:00 at the entrance so that we can help him go through if necessary. Ziona will go with them to the Schneider where she works.

We went back to the entrance and luckily  the French guard was there. I yelled to him across the fence and he listened and promised to help Riyad tomorrow to go through the humanitarian gate.

We left at 06:30; the workers' entrance was running smoothly.