Hebron, Sansana, Wed 5.8.09, Morning

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zipi z., yael j., yehudit k. (reporting)

tran. by Naomi S.


Starting later than usual, we passed through Sansana, which was empty of
passengers, except for the dog-operator with a monstrous black creature on a leash. Pastoral peace. Two trucks stood in the goods lane, loading depot. 


On to deserted, ghostly Hebron, its streets empty except for a
settler scuttling through and a few Palestinians hurrying through the Moslem cemetery. We walked through town, stopping to talk to two Paratroopers at a checkpoint. Responding to our questions, one of them said to us, in those very words, and with ridiculous arrogance, that he was proud to serve national security and how good it is to die for the motherland.  Yes, he was in constant danger from terrorists, male and female, and yes he shared his experiences with friends and his dad and no, the neighbours should be troubled by his presence, he wasn't disrupting their lives. His companion seemed to disagree, but it was unclear why, precisely. 
We passed by a poster inviting
participation to pray on the Temple Mount, ours and only ours for ever.. Unfortunately we missed the event. After a short detour through Zone A to support the Palestinian economy by purchasing some glass, we returned to the State of Israel, unharmed.