Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya, Mon 3.8.09, Morning

Rai'ya J., Hagit S. (reports)


We left Tarqumiya at 9:30am. In the parking lot, there was many tracks, waiting.

Road 35

In the middle of the road leading to Hebron, a military Jeep and two Palestinians, seated, detained, on the side of the road. According to the reservist soldiers, they were merely checking their papers. About two minutes later, they are released. By our information, provided by a soldier serving in the communications division, there is a computer in almost every military vehicle and even if there isn't, one phone call to the headquarters should clarify the picture about any given detainee within about half a minute (if the call is taken, obviously…)


Movement on the streets is a bit more lively now – both women and kids on their summer break.

Pharmacy CP: deserted, closed, not a soul to be seen.

Shouhada St.: pretty empty, opposite Hadassah House, there's a large group of TIP people.

Tarpat CP: quiet, two paratroopers at a new posting.

Tel Rumeida CP: two paratroopers. In conversation with them, the officer claims that MW women disturbed his work while his was checking IDs at the Tapou'ach CP. Since those soldiers did not seem to understand what exactly we are doing here, we handed them the MW info sheet.

Basem's grocery: Basem is not here today. His son tells us there is no work as well as that not everyone is granted permit to use the Zion Route, despite reports we've heard on the media yesterday, by which it has been opened.

We drove up to the gate with the pillbox at the end of this route. Border Police soldiers are positioned there and the experienced lieutenant explained to us that a permit can be arranged by almost everyone – even two cars per family – so long as all is ok with the car, including license, registration etc., -- and of course, that s/he is not her/himself on any black list.

Patriarchs' Tombs' Cave: at A'abed's, opposite the cave, we've met a travel agent from Beit Sahour with a group of tourists from Spain and the US and tried to find someone who might help him to handle the various restrictions and prohibitions which the Israeli authorities have imposed upon him – to his claim, without any apparent reason.

On Road 35 there are already small sheds, with grapes and sabres (prickly fruit): excellent!