Qalandiya, Sun 26.7.09, Morning

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Judy O. Maya B. Fabia, Judy's guest

     6 :00  we  set out for Qalandiya.  Getting   there  we  see  very few  people  going  through  fast.  Three  lanes are  open  but  are most of the time empty.  We  speak to some of the workers  who  say it is now  this  way all the time.  I think  the fact  that there are no children going to  school   and  the  CP  is  open from three in the morning  makes all the difference.  Has  our  film  helped?   The DCO  has  a huge  billboard  up front  giving  information about old and  new  services  supposedly  provided by the CP  or  DCO,  like a post office ,  interior ministry rep.  a police  station  etc.  But  what  I found  interesting  was  a  day a  month,  the  first  Thuresday each month  when   information  about  job possibilities  ,  work  in Jerusalem  or the vicinity   might be  found  .  The  filth all around the terminal  and  inside  is  stagering,  will there ever be  a cleaner  place for  the Palestiniens  to come into  Israel?  Here at least  they  can bring any food they  wish.