Beit Furik, Huwwara, Sun 28.6.09, Afternoon

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Yehudiet B. Noah P.

Natanya translating.

15.20 Huwwara 
The pedestrian lane is empty and now and again 2-3 people pass through. The cars pass without delay.
When we arrived a man came to us and said that the car that had had bought yesterday had been delayed for hours with no reason given. His ID had been taken from his passengers. Because we could not speak to the soldiers we phoned the centre and afterwards the DCO who said that they would check. The commander passes close by and Yehudiet hurries to ask him what the reason is. He says the man has "only" been delayed an hour and a half and they are checking.
15.40 The DCO representative comes to us and he said that he had received a specific order about the van and is waiting for further orders.
16.10 A police jeep arrives and the commander speak to them and they leave within a few minutes.
16.30 The van is still there.
The dogtrainer who had been sitting idle now deals with great energy with an old Subarau . Everything is taken out and the dog climbs over the seats even though there is an order not to do this. Sniffs at the baggage compartment and after about 15 minutes the car is freed.
We phone again to hurry the checking of the van and are told that there is criminal suspicion attached to it and that the police are coming.
16.45 The search by the dog and its mistress has evidently been much enjoyed by them  and now it goes to the 5th car and climbs again over all the seats, smells the tyres and is intent on its mission.
16.50 The police have still not arrived and the people are angry and impatient and we cannot help. Suddenly miracle of miracles, such are the wonderful ways of the occupation, without any obvious reason and without having to wait for the police to come the IDs are given to the passengers and they go on their way after a delay of 4 hours.

17.00 Beit Furik
Hamdan parks the car at the side of the road opposite the checkpoint and we watch two soldier checking cars cursorily and each driver that goes past stops to tell Hamdan that he has to withdraw up the road. We got out and went to the checkpoint One of the soldiers comes to us and says that everything is as usual and that nothing has changed and only we that have come today do not know this.   We tell him that we are here every week in the last 7 years and much has changed. We described to him some of the sufferings which the people of Beit Furik in their enclosed village and he is truly shocked and does not believe that this is so. The soldiers are given the rules of war but not the rules of occupation and of the checkpoints…..this is out of their sphere
17.20 .  For various reasons we could not go to Azzun Atma.