Eyal Crossing, 'Anabta, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Te'enim Crossing, Wed 22.7.09, Afternoon

Observers: Tami C., Dalya G. Translator: Charles K.


14:45  Ras Atiya checkpoint, Gate 1351 (in the Alfei Menashe enclave)

On the way to the checkpoint we saw the new fence being built in the Alfei Menashe enclave.  They’ve progressed to the point where the two fences meet (past the Bedouin tents).  At least three bulldozers are working intensively.

Nothing worth reporting at the checkpoint itself.

The soldiers approached us to see who we are and what we’re doing.  We explained.  They were pleasant to us.

15:00  We left the enclave. 

15:10  Qalqilya.  The checkpoint is empty.  There’s a new sign in front of the checkpoint. (We left for Beit Iba, and then - ) 

16:45  Anabta.  The checkpoint that was enlarged at the expense of olive trees, and is served by a broad, clean road, is empty.  From time to time a line of 6 cars forms, but immediately disappears.  The cars go through almost without inspection.  At the exit they’re already selling figs (excellent). 

17:00  Te’anim gate, near Jab’ara.  6 vehicles on line to enter Israel.  We ask to enter Jab’ara.  The soldier says he’s not allowed to let us into the village.  We argue that permission has been arranged with Dana, from brigade headquarters, and that he should call battalion headquarters.

The result – we do have permission, and the guy opens the gate for us. 

17:35  The “children’s gate” – 753.  Finally, problems…Although the large checkpoints have been eliminated, that isn’t connected to what goes on at the small ones.

Next to the gate, on the patrol road, there’s a jeep (not from the DCO).  Young men sitting and waiting next to the fence are brought over to it, one by one.  When we asked what’s going on we were told – a thorough inspection…

We suspect that they’re trying to enlist collaborators.

At least that didn’t stop inspections of the other cars:  Two cars connected by a rope; a donkey cart carrying a woman and a child; a pickup truck – none of them held more than a few minutes.  Only one car, a Peugeot, is held a long time because one of the passengers has to be “thoroughly inspected.” Meanwhile workers returning from their jobs (not those in Israel illegally) are checked and go through one at a time.  Women pass through.  Finally the guy from the Peugeot arrives, gets into the car, and the car is allowed through.  We weren’t informed of the results of the thorough inspection… 

17:30  We return to the Jub’ara gate, and wait for it to be opened.  Within 5 minutes a soldier arrives and opens it. 

17:45  Irtach passage (near Tulkarm).  People returning from work.  No crowd, just individuals arrive and go through immediately.  In answer to our question about restrictions on food, all the answers are the same – the amount of food and water is restricted.  Total ban on ice – that is, on bottles with frozen water.

Two men stopped running toward the checkpoint to tell us, “Thank you for coming to help us.”  

I photographed Tami playing with the slide that two of our friends made for her… 

18:05  Eyal passage (near Qalqilya).  I photographed the bathroom that isn’t open, and the faucet which had no water.  The place is pretty empty.  People arrive and hurry immediately to the checkpoint and go through.

A garden is being planted in the parking lot, for the workers’ enjoyment … 

18:15  We leave.