Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Wed 22.7.09, Morning

Ziona O, Belveis S (reporting) Translator: Charles K

4:00  We arrived at the checkpoint. 

4:30  The turnstiles open and about 200 male and female workers enter. 

5:00  No line at the turnstiles.  The millennium has arrived.  The guard says “Good morning” to the people entering.  Every two minutes he says, “Please remove cans of tuna and soda and go through with the bags.”  He also asks one of the workers, “What happened to your hand; did you break it?”  “Ah, a crack; be well; have a good day”  It turns out that they can talk politely when they want to.  Suddenly the guard asks, “What happened?  There’s no line today,” and everyone replies in unison, “There’s no work, there’s no work.”  

5:30  Two go back because of the magnetic card and one because of documents. 

6:00  We left.