Qalandiya, יום ב' 20.7.09, בוקר

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Judy O. Maya B.

6:15  we  arrive at  Qalandiya.  There  are small lines  leading into the C.P.  They move fast  and  within  minutes  all are  throug.  We  speak  to  a number of  workers  who say it has been  like  this  all month  (July).  Then we talk to Tomer the  DCO  officer  who tells us  that  the  CP  opens  at  3 AM  in  order to prevent  long lines  from  forming  during  the early  hours of the morning.  He  said  that  some  workers  like to pass very early  to facilitate  their getting to  work  without  any problems
We  sit  there  for  a while  and  watch it  .  Then leave  at  8 :00