Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Thu 11.6.09, Morning

Racheli M. Rachel A. (reporting); Natanya translating

4.36  We came to the area of the entrance to the checkpoint where every thing looked as usual and the checkpoint was already open.  Ziona who was already there stayed in the area and we went to the exit. We were there till 6.30 and these are some of the remarks.

Good that you are here , it helps us. The passage is swifter.

Why don't they open at Barta'a. We travel from there to here so as to work on the other side.

Why can we not get to our lands in the envelope area.

At 6 the turnstiles at the exit closes and noise started and then we were told that  at the entrance to the checkpoint, behind the first turnstiles there is an area where tons of people are crowded together under difficult circumstances for a long time. For some unknown reason, maybe to show that there are not many people outside, a large number of people are sent through and there is no possibility of them all being absorbed while the IDs are checked and so a long bottle neck forms under pressure which leads to shouts. And therefore maybe they closed so suddenly so as to show authority or something.

Someone said that yesterday in the afternoon the turnstile at the entrance was closed at 4pm for some unknown reason and they were stuck outside, hot and very tired, until it was opened again. Only two turnstiles are open in the afternoon but there is less pressure than in the morning. There is more of a dispersal of those coming to the checkpoint.

The problem of the handprints. There are those who put the card through the computer again and again and the computer does not recognize it because of the hard work of those who work in building or in agriculture where the skin is affected the surface of the hand changed.