Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Wed 1.7.09, Morning

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Zipi, Na'ama (reporting)

Trans.: Revital C.
At eight o'clock all the workers have crossed and the CP is empty.

Highway 60
Samo'a: since the shooting incident a few months back, large boulders were placed at the entrance to Samoa which didn't stop traffic but considerably slowed it down. Today we see that they have been removed.
Dahariyablocked as usual. locals get out of town in round about ways. We see a car driving down one of the hillsides. It must take them about half an hour because the road is not paved there, and from where we are, it looks rather dangerous.

Curve 160 CP: open with the boulders still there, so one must negotiate one's way in-between them, but at least you don't have to crawl under the barrier. It looks like someone opened it and the soldiers, happily passing their time together by the pillbox, didn't think to close it again.
Pharmacy CPclosed.
Tarpat CP: Two parachuters ask us who we are. After introducing ourselves, they start as usual: there is no occupation: we inspect the locals as we would those entering a shopping mall: yesterday we caught someone with a 10cm knife, en route to some terrorist attack: we're here because it's a holy place; without us the settlers would be murdered, they're so nice and treat us so well; there was no massacre in Gaza; the Palestinians are doing well here; they hate us and we hate them; the peace with Egypt isn't real either and was unnecessary anway.
We normally talk to the soldiers and try to open their eyes up, but today we hadn't the stamina for their slogans.
Tel Rumeida: empty. 

On our way back home, we see settlers walking into the army base. Symbiosis.