Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Fri 24.7.09, Morning

Ofra and Na'ama (reports)

trans.: Naomi S.

Sansana: 07:00am: the CP is empty now. The security-women asked us where we're headed to. She was especially curious as to why M., our driver, should be driving a vehicle with Jews, and was satisfied only when realizing that he is our driver. 

Road 60

Empty at this time. Only yesterday we've been here, and along the road there was many signposts advertising some new settlement. Today, there are new sign-posts: "Yes to Israel's independence! No, to American dictates!" 

South Hebron Mount
We passed through several villages – Sousiah, Um el-Hir, and the Jawaiss. To our relief, they had nothing new to tell us about. It is still not good – the same occupational routine – but nothing new or particularly bad either.