Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Thu 2.7.09, Morning

Ziona O., Smadar B.

We reached the checkpost as usual at 4.00 am.
Thursday is not usually a busy day.
About 2000 workers were waiting at the CP gatesinfo-icon.
The checkpoint opens at 4.30 am. The line quickly shortened and by 6.00 am no one was waiting to cross.
Also, no one was refused passage in the CP.
We headed towards the exit.

The workers expressed their dismay with the food rationing and the fact that they are not allowed to bring through frozen drink bottles. They also mentioned a scanning machine and expressed concern about radiation and cancer.

Maybe someone can crack the “machine's secret” and find out if there are any long-term health implications.

We left at 7.30 am when almost all the workers were out.

May we all have a calm week.