'Azzun 'Atma, יום ג' 19.5.09, אחה"צ

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Reba B., Nur B. (reporting and photographing), Guest:Ronen B., Translator: Charles K.
17:00 'Azzun 'Atma.  The checkpoint has been expanded:  Fences mark entry and exit lanes from the village (up to now the villagers went through an opening in the gate that closed off the village).  Off to the side,there is a fortified structure, as yet unused.  We assume that soldiers will be located there (instead of in a tent).  Photo attached.  Three soldiers are now here .  From the nearby watchtower someone calls to the soldiers, “Yoo-hoo,” in a bored tone.  The female soldier in the tent waves.


The village is completely surrounded by a fence.  Entry and exit via the checkpoint is carried out by showing an ID.  When we arrived the soldiers opened the gate for a horse-drawn cart.  The soldier feels through the objects on the cart.  Workers return to the village at the end of their workday.  When they arrive in groups they behave according to the rules.  One advances, the others wait their turn on the side.  No one has to say “Wahad wahad” (one by one).  Photos attached. 


A young man comes to the gate.  Calls to us.  I went over to him.  His Hebrew is good, and he expresses himself well.  But he has difficulty putting a group of sentences together.  He’s insane with anger.  From time to time he punches the gate with his fists.  A photo is attached.  “Israel doesn’t want things to get better, it wants things to get worse.  This gate isn’t for Israel’s security, it’s to take our lands.  Now I understand why Palestinians carried out attacks.  Eventually I’ll also want to do so.  We’re in prison here.  Do something.  You have to do something.”