Reihan, Shaked, Sun 21.6.09, Afternoon

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Yocheved J. and Hannah H.
Translation: Devorah K.

1500 Shaked CP

Four cars go through to the West Bank. Inspection of each car lasts two minutes. A young fellow goes through from the seamline zone to the West Bank via the inspection room in a minute. It is hot; it is quiet and the soldiers are bored.

1550 Reihan CP
Many women and children go through from the West Bank to the seamline zone. It seems that they are returning from vacation in Jenin. The lower parking lot is full of vehicles waitingfor returning workers. One passenger car arrives from the West Bank and immediately enters the inspection facility.

At 1610 workers begin to arrive from the seamline zone and are immediately swallowed up in the terminal. Workers returning from Hadera tell us that mornings when our colleagues come to observe the Taibe CP (Artach), all the people immiediately enter the terminal and wait inside in a crowd. Those who leave for Israel in the morning through the Jalameh CP complain that they are detained in the CP and leave it at 7:00 a.m., even though they arrive at the CP as early as 4:00.

There are some lucky people who work in Israel and they have permits to go through via Reihan in the morning as well. Again we must ask why all of them cannot go out through Reihan in the morning.

The workers who are returning enter the terminal in groups of ten. Only one window is in operation and the workers returning from Israel and from the seamline zone, as well as families with babies and children returning from the West Bank all have to pass it. The workers crowd together at the turnstile which is the only opening in both directions. Why can't there be two separate doors????

At 1640, about 60 people are waiting at the entrance; at long last a second window is opened and the tempo of the passage improves.