Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Thu 2.7.09, Morning

Mira B. and Noga (reports)

Meytar CP: empty 

Road 60
Dura Alfawwar: we stopped on the side, by a farmer who was working the fields with his children. He told us of someone from Alfawwar has purchased eighteen dunam (4.5 acres) in Dura, when it turned out that the land was a 'closed military zone' (apparently, because of its proximity to a local military base) and he was summoned to court and had his bulldozer taken away from him. 

Curve 160 CP: there is no one here, and the pillbox is shut, and locked (are the Border Police soldiers off for a fun-day away from it all??)
Pharmacy CP: deserted; so, too, Tel-Rumeida.
We visited Assam's steel enterprise (in fact, a small factory; trans.) He showed us the miserable piece of land – squeezed in-between the exterior and interior ends of his place, where a Border Police soldier prohibited the use of his tractor – the one with which things are transported to, from and within the place. We understood that since this entirely arbitrary order was given, they are left to their own. It is worth noting that they do not follow this senseless order anyway… 

Hirbat Tawwani
: On our way back, we went into Tawwani, impressed by the newly paved road. We met Kamal and observed the grove, nationalized by the settlers. Kamal told us that none of Tawwani's residents has ever received a permit to work in Israel, due to their proximity to Ma'on settlement. I fail to understand the logic behind this, but who am, I to question the purity of the Israel security services?!