Beit 'Inun, Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Nabi Yunis, Wed 24.6.09, Morning

D, O, R (reporting)

Bethlehem - Checkpoint 300, 6:50 am:  five checking stations open.  A handfull of people at each checking line.  Since we did not see the Ecumenical representative, she was called.  She had left the area because everyone had already passed through.  Indeed, by 7:10 am no one was waiting.


Etzion DCL, 7:45 am:  fifteen people are waiting,  The DCL opened at 8:05 am.  People are called in by category.  Humanitarian reasons are first to be called.  Renewing the hand print are also called early on.  Last are requests for the magnetic card.


Nabi Yunis 8:45 am: no one asks for help here.

Beit 'Inun:  we drove further south to see the large stones blocking cars from entering this community, which is on both sides of route 60. To get to Hebron to do shopping is a long trip for half of this village.


Indeed as we drove back to Jerusalem, we looked for blocked roads since this morning's paper spoke of the easing of Checkpoints.  We saw many roads with dirt piled high so no car may enter or exit to route 60.  Are these necessary?