Eyal Crossing, 'Anabta, Wed 17.6.09, Afternoon

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Observers: Sarah F., Sarah K., (Reporting)



15:00 – Hapachim Checkpoint near Karnei Shomron

 – Traffic is light.  Most of the cars go through without being checked.  Occasionally the soldiers check a car and it continues on its way after a short time.

Sewage from Nablus is flowing in the riverbed nearby and the smell is intolerable.

15:30 – Anabta – There is a line of 8-10 cars.  Most of the vehicles go through

 without being checked.  Occasionally the soldiers stop a car for a more thorough check and the line immediately grows longer, but no one has to wait more than a few minutes.  Cars with Israeli license plates go towards Tulkarem without being delayed. 

Only a few cars are going out from the direction of Tulkarm.

16:15 – Eyal Checkpoint – There is a constant flow of workers returning from work.

The check is short and in a few minutes everyone finished and continues on their way.