Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Sun 21.6.09, Afternoon

Yael R., Moran Y., Daniela G. (reporting).

Ezion DCL, 15:45: one car in the parking lot, no one in the waiting hall. Two men sit outside, waiting for a third who is being interviewed by the GSS. Of their own accord the men complement the soldiers at the DCL, saying they are accommodating, both having just received their long desired magnetic card. (One of them had been GSS refused for 10 years!). The guy they were waiting for came out announcing everything went well and as we were all leaving one of the men treated us to some very sweet pastry.


Bethlehem CP, 16:30: lots of people rushing in but since 5 stations are open it takes them a minute at the most to come out on the other side.