Reihan, Shaked, Sat 20.6.09, Morning

Sarit A., Rachel H. (reporting)

06:55 - Rihan checkpoint
The upper car park area is vacant. The gate on the road in the middle of the checkpoint is closed. It will open at around 07:05.

"Good morning, beginning passage."  Dogs  bark.

At 07:10 the first person comes out of the terminal. Exit is slow, We did not observes a long line or crowding in front of the inspection window but some of those coming out report of a "jam inside" and going about their way.

We hear from the entrance post some ugly, humiliating rebukes. The gate does not close all the way. A large family enters not in groups of five, and we hear shouts in Hebrew and Arabic "Back off", or "I said shut the door! what's not understood?!"

Following the scolding , the yelling and the humiliating treatment, we ask one of the guards (in black) to call the person in charge. With in two minutes two persons arrive (wearing light blue shirts), we are granted an explanation that the people going through do not understand the instructions and so, they need to shout at them, in order for  them to  follow the orders. We don't give in to that, hoping that someone would order the shouter to stop. It is hard to tell whether it's been done or not because in the meantime the number of those going inside kept decreasing.
A second inspection window did not open.

Passage time from entrance to exit is about 20 minutes.

Towards 08:00 we were puzzled by the absence of our Saturday acquaintances, those whom we usually meet around  07:30, as they come out.

Around 08:15 they came out claiming that they were held inside for a long time. They were the first to arrive, at 07:00 or even earlier and among the first to get out.

- The sleeveinfo-icon is busy and crowded, all hurry (at times nervously) to the cabs, which fill up and drive away.

At the upper car park area there are 8 vans.

08:45 - Shaked checkpoint

Quiet. no traffic. a car that arrives, goes through immediately.

- We left.