Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Tue 23.6.09, Morning

Michal Ts. (photos), Hagit B. (report)

Translation: Bracha B.A.10:00- 14:00

Sansana CP:
The cp is quiet at this time. Seven busses with families visiting prisoners are in the parking lot.  People say that everything is OK.

Road 60
Ramadin-Dahariyyeh: A new road is being paved from Ramadin to Dayariyyeh, funded by the US gov. 
There is no checkpoint here – everything seems almost normal and there is no red sign warning people against entering Area A. 
We rode on the new road and came out on Road 60 at Dura Elfawwar – where the pillbox was manned and traffic was moving through.  Our conclusion from this trip was that preventing Palestinian cars from driving on Road 60 adds at least 45 minutes to their journey – the other road is good but much longer. There is almost no traffic on Road 60 and people are harvesting whatever crops that they have.
The Sheeps' Junction: pillbox is manned.

The Pharmacy Junction: It is 11:30 and people are detained on their way to a wedding at the Islamic courthouse. They are released in less than 20 minutes as an officer’s permission is required for anyone to be detailed for any longer than that.

Road 35 
Electrical works are being done between the Humanitarian CP - Ukafim Junction - and the Olive Crossing, and the army is guarding the workers together with guards from the Israeli Electric Company, but traffic is moving. 
Idna–Tarqumiya: Road work is being done and the procedure of stopping traffic four times a day has stopped.  The grocer promises to keep us posted as to what happens next. The routine of the occupation continues.