'Azzun 'Atma, Thu 18.6.09, Morning

Nava A., Rahel A-T. (reporting), Translator: Judith G.


 06:30 – ‘Azzun ‘Atma.

The lane of those waiting is very crowded to the end and even beyond the end.  Two soldiers, one female, take turns at inspecting and guarding.  They are polite, but the inspection is very slow.  They check everyone's ID and permit, to confirm that they are going only to the settlements, not into Israel.  The small gate at the entrance of the village is not locked.  The few people who enter are checked and pass through it, as well as the women who are leaving the village (so they don't have to be crowded in among the men).  We measure one half hour of waiting time.


06:50 -

The officer's jeep arrives with breakfast. Nava asks that they add some more inspectors for the busy hours.  The officer requests they we do not intervene in his work and claims there aren't enough soldiers.  Nevertheless, immediately afterward, he and another few soldiers join the inspection team.  Now 4 soldiers carry out the inspection and the line quickly shortens.