'Azzun 'Atma, Wed 17.6.09, Afternoon

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Mika S., Aliyah S. (reporting)

15:15 ‘Azzun ‘Atma

    We realize that we have arrived at the checkpoint too early. An Israeli car dropped off one person who went right through. There were two female soldiers at the gate, who were friendly and didn't object to talking with us.


Mika noticed that across the road from the gate there is a factory for cutting and polishing granite. "Couldn't a worker say that he's going to work in the stone factory and then go into Israel to work?" Mika asked the soldiers. "If they want to get to Israel to work, they can go through any of the gaps in the fence. There are numerous breaks," one answered. "Then why have the checkpoint here at the gate?" was our next question. The soldier shrugged her shoulders, "It's not our decision," she said.


15:30 The first group of 10 workers is dropped off at the gate. They all have permits and they all go through easily.


15:50 We are standing around with nothing to do. We agree that when we do this course again we will leave later in the day in order to arrive here later, when more workers are coming home. We then left for home.