Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Wed 24.6.09, Morning

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Zipi, Naama (reports Hebrew)

Trans: Ya'el Z.

Maitar CP

The place is empty, all the workers have already passed.

Road No. 60
Daharia – Closed.
Dura- El Fawar –Cars pass through the gatesinfo-icon. We are not sure if it is a new phenomenon
Bait Hagai – Signs telling us about a course for a military unit taking place inside the settlement..
Sheep J. - Open

Signs everywhere calling for "pray and cry out for Hebron"
Curve 160 – 2 bored soldiers do not pay attention to the passers by.
Pharmacy CP- One detainee was seen when we passed towards Tel Rumaida. He wasn’t there when we returned.
Tarpat CP-Empty.
Tel Rumaida – 15 years old boy had been stopped by 2 soldiers and was released a minute latter.
Abraham Cave – Empty.
Porcelain hill – Empty
Our driver called our attention to a new building, a mobile house on a hill near Kiriyat Arba.
He had seen it taken off and it seems the building was rebuilt.