Deir Sharaf, Mon 11.5.09, Afternoon

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Bilhah A., Yonah A.; Translator: Judith Green

14:40 - We stand next to the cement barriers, at a distance of about 40 meters from the soldiers' station.  Three soldiers stand next to the southern station, and 2 next to the northern one.  The soldiers see us and one of them comes all the way from the station to the cement barriers in order to ask us not to come close to the checkpoint.  "Those are the orders", he says to us.  "Who gave the orders?" we ask, and he answers, "that is all I know", and returns to his station.

Polluted water flows from the channel on the southern side of the road.

The traffic moves swiftly with no delays. When the number of vehicles is small, the soldiers stop some at random and request IDs.  A military vehicle approaches blowing its siren and passes through the checkpoint.