Reihan, Shaked, Sat 13.6.09, Morning

Shula N., Noah L. (reporting)

0730-0800 Shaked checkpoint

About 20 people are waiting in front of the turnstile to cross over to the Seam-Line zone. Most of the workers are going to pick tobacco: "This year there is no water, no fertilizer, the plants are short, but since it's not going to get any better we do the picking now".
Passage is slow (the checkpoint opens at 0700) and people complaing.
There is slow traffic on the opposite direction as well.
Until our departure all the people have gone through.
0810-0900 Rihan checkpoint
There is heavy and lively traffic into the Seam-Line zone, much less in the opposite direction. Those going through report of passage time between fifteen minutes to an hour. There is hustle inside and only one window is open. all are swallowed inside the terminal and no one wait outside. For a short while a second window opens and then traffic streams along faster.

During our stay on site, there were three detaineesinfo-icon for various reasons (one of them came from Jordan...) but in the end all proceeded to their destinations.

The new vehicles inspection area was vacant when we arrived and two cars waited when we left.
On the opposite direction, going into the West Bank, taxis full of passengers go through while the passengers are inspected right next to the cars.