Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Sun 7.6.09, Morning

Smadar B., Tsiyona O. (reporting), Akiva O., Karin L., Marwan Abed el Hai (from the village of Tira).

Translation: Galia S.

We arrive at the checkpoint at 04:00 and, to our surprise, we find it already open and the workers are entering, which proves that it's definitely possible to open the checkpoint at this hour. The workers are pleased and many of them thank us assuming that opening at this hour is the result of our repeated request.

Again and again they say "Well done!"

At 04:20 the women who work in agriculture pass the facility and wait for transportation to their place of work. At 05:10 most of the workers have already entered the facility and there is no line outside. Anyone who arrives enters the facility right away without waiting. About 6 people come back because the machine that scans the hand-print has rejected them (because of scratches, a wound or dirt). Two people have been sent back for bringing food items that haven't been approved by the checkers. One has brought a plastic cottage cheese container with "Knafe" [oriental cake]. The checkers refused to let him bring the "Knafe" into Israel. We take a picture of it. The other has brought a small plastic container full of okra in tomato sauce. The checker hasn't approved.

Is okra in tomato sauce a security hazard to Israel? We ask the man to come closer and we take a picture of it.

Abed el Hai is a professional photographer and he has recorded it all in video.

The workers are very pleased that the checkpoint opened at 04:00.