'Anabta, Eyal, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Mon 1.6.09, Afternoon

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Yona E., Tziona S Translation: Bracha B.A



The checkpoint has been moved southward next to the intersection until the completion of the construction of the new checkpoint.  There is one inspection point and one passage where people pass through alternately in both directions.  The checkpoint is manned by reservists who serve as traffic directors.  Every few minutes the traffic is stopped in one direction to allow cars from the other direction to pass. All move through without being stopped or checked.  The soldiers approached us and greeted us, talked to us, and offered us cookies.  They also admit that we should give up the settlements and the checkpoints. 

Irtah  16:00

 Workers are beginning to move through the checkpoint.  There are about 40 people in line.  They go through quickly.  One of them said it took 10 minutes to go through, but going through in the morning is a nightmare.

Eyal Checkpoint  16:30 

 A huge fire burning in the field next to the checkpoint and thick black smoke covers the area making it difficult to breathe.  The workers coming back from work hurry to the checkpoint and are swallowed up relatively quickly.  We left after standing for 10 minutes to avoid choking from the smoke.