'Anabta, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Qalqiliya, Mon 18.5.09, Morning

Rony S., Frances T. (reporting)

06.15 Irtah
We arrive at Irtah to find many Palestinian workers still coming through. On entering the parking lot, we meet Tziona, who informs us that she has been on the early morning shift, unknown to us and not marked on the weekly schedule.  Had we known that the dawn shift would be manned, we would not have come to Irtah and a long drive could have been avoided.  On our way out we meet a father taking his son to Ichilov Hospital and he is being picked up by Deborah.

06.30 Efrayim crossing - very little traffic.                                       

07.30 Anabta
Work continues "for the glorification of the State of Israel" - there seems to be very little other purpose.  One lane of cars is closed due to the road works and each line must wait for the cars in the opposite direction to go through.  We meet up with Mahmud of Halonot for whom Rony has brought clothes and toys to be distributed.  08.00 We leave.

09.00 Qalqiliya

A white car with civilian plates speeds up to the checkpost.  This is an Israeli police car with a policewoman and a soldier inside. They stop next to an overloaded lorry entering Qalqiliya and indicate to him to pull over to the nearby parking lot. He appears to receive a fine.

The traffic is flowing smoothly.  We leave at 09.15.