Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Thu 4.6.09, Morning

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yael Z., Noga (reporting)

Translated by Yael Z.

Meytar CP: The last workers were being checked while the parking lot was full of people after the checking, waiting near the cars to be taken to work.
Dahariya: Closed for cars.
Dura Alfawwar CP: Open for cars, not very busy.
Sheep's Junction CP: Open. 


Hazon David: The improvised synagogue is still working in spite promises to U.S government.
Curve 160 CP: Instead of a closed gate, concrete blocks were put in a Z-shape, forcing pedestrians to walk slowly between them. Two men riding donkeys and four pedestrians were waiting for their documents to be checked. When we stopped to watch their documents were quickly returned, but our driver was asked to handle his. We tried to help but got a cross reaction from the woman-soldier at the CP.
Pharmacy CP: quiet and almost deserted. Two trolleys of fresh pretzels, one driven by a girl, the other by the familiar man, were driving towards the boys school. The girl was almost knocked down by a high speed settler's car.
TARPAT CP: Four detaineesinfo-icon on the Israeli side and a woman with a child on the Palestinian side. Both were quickly released when we arrived.
Tel Rumaida CP: No one was stopped for checking while we watched.
Zion Route: still closed.We watched Federman's settlement from above and could see the tent near the ruined hut, some horses near the stable – all very pastoral.
Leaving Kiryat Arba, we saw a new settlement on the northern hill.
Road 317: All quiet and empty.