Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Thu 28.5.09, Morning

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Noga R. Mira N. (reprots)

translated by: Naomi S.

Meytar CP: empty. It is Shavout eve today, so it appears that the holiday's curfew is already imposed. 

Road 60

Estamo'ah stronghold: standing.
Dahariya: blocked. All blockages are in place.
Samiya: the entire area was flattened already two weeks ago, reports our driver, M.
Dura Alfawwar: open.
Sheep's Junction: open to cars but the pedestrians' crossing has been substantially lengthened.
Bnei Naim: many cars make their way out. M. says that the internal blockade next to the Hebron settler's vineyard has been opened. We didn't check. For me, this is the first time in four years to see any Palestinian cars leaving Bnei Naim. 


Hazon David synagogue is active. There are many prayers.
On the turn to the Patriarchs' Tombs' Cave, Curve 160 CP: the new pillbox is manned by Border Police soldiers.
We go down on the prayers' route, to the Patriarchs' Tombs' Cave. All the houses along the route are still deserted. Even the graffiti "Muhammad is a swine", which we photographed here several years ago is still here. At the Borders' Police position en route to the Patriarchs' cave, a woman-soldier!!
Pharmacy CP: a few children walk though the security screen.At the Beit Midrash (holy studies' school) and the cemetery at the top of Tel Rumeidah, works progress in all earnest. All around, only Palestinian houses, many pedestrians. Many children, too. Why is this all closed down to vehicles anyway? Because of a few tombs, an entire area is driven to despair.
Tel Rumeidah CP: the soldiers (paratroopers – polite) stop our car. On the phone, they've received an order to "make them go away, and anyway, they're not allowed to be there!!" We clarified to them that without a closed military zone edict, they cannot make us leave. Policemen who've stopped said that there's need for a personal security-permit. In fact, I am not clear about the actual limitations myself now. We leave Tel Rumeida by foot, to the Partriarchs' Tombs' Cave. More people along the Shouhada St.
Hadasah House: one detainee. Released ten minutes later.
The Jewish Market on the Shouhada St.: the building seems to be increasigly used with time.
Patriarchs' Tombs' Cave CP: it is now 8:50 and the "music" coming out of the Beit Midrash is in full volume.
The House of Dispute: we drink tea at Basem's. He says that everything is quiet now, but that there's no sign of the promise to open the Zion Route to vehicles.

Because of the holiday-eve pressure, we go straight back home.